Bringing you clarity, direction and well being


I have never been to a psychic before and I was nervous. I wanted to talk about my partner for over twelve years. I didn’t understand why he wanted to go to a counselor over our relationship. She helped me see our relationship in a different way, so that I decided to go. I feel like she helped me when no one else could. I am really grateful to have her to go to when I need help.

Joseph Wheeler

I want to tell you all that Rochelle never asks questions. When the spirits talk through her, you can see how she listens to them and how they impact her body. If you have been to a psychic before, she is not at all what you may expect. At first she scared me because I didn’t know how different she is. Now, I am just grateful to her for her connection. It is not of this world.

Caroline Myers

My father died last year and I needed to know how he was doing and if he was OK. He died of a lung illness. I was really surprised when Rochelle knew what he had died of. She described it. It validated my belief in psychic information.

Marline Fiver

Thank you, Rochelle. You are essential to helping me with my grief. My deepest appreciation for all that you are.

Susan Randolph

Thank you for the session yesterday. I felt your compassionate presence and I feel more hopeful about what I can do about my health. I am glad my friend recommended you.

Judy Hanson

I have known Rochelle for over 12 years. I will not give my full name. Rochelle helped me over a several year period to help my business grow. My business has become successful due to her invaluable help.


Rochelle has always been there for me. I have relied on her to help me face my anxiety regarding a law suit. With her help, I get direction and I know what to do next. It would be very hard to deal with this situation if she was not around.

John Geer

I had contacted Rochelle several times for sessions within the past year. Each time, she has given me information that would be impossible to know unless she had some special ability. She is the real deal.

Thomas Riley

I highly recommend Rochelle, she is always non judgmental about my problems and is able to understand me. I really appreciate her honesty about myself and her connection with her guides. I wouldn’t know what to do or where to go without her.

Samantha King